Sound Proofing

Unwanted Noises and Sounds

Noise means any unwanted sound. Noise is not necessarily random. Sounds, particularly loud ones, that disturb people or make it difficult to hear wanted sounds, are noise. For example, conversations of other people may be called noise by people not involved in any of them; any unwanted sound such as domesticated dogs barking, neighbours playing loud music, portable mechanical saws, road traffic sounds, or a distant aircraft in quiet countryside, is called noise.

Acoustic noise can be anything from quiet but annoying to loud and harmful. Sound intensity follows an inverse square law with distance from the source; doubling the distance from a noise source reduces its intensity by a factor of four, or 6 dB.

Our Solution

We use a specialist 6.4mm acoustic glass called stadip silence laminate. The glass consists of two pieces of 3mm glass with a 0.4mm membrane in the middle. the glass is baked in a oven to bond the 3 pieces together creating a solid unit.

In any circumstance for sound proofing we always recommend a gap of 100mm between your original windows and our secondary glazing system this ensures a sufficient air gap to effectively reduce noise.

As the intensity of the sound waves are reduced as they hit your external window they then travel into the 100mm gap between your original window and our system. The dense layer of our 6.4mm Acoustic laminate dramatically reduces the intensity of the traveling sound waves stopping the sound from traveling any further than the cavity it is trapped in. Achieving up to 80% sound reduction.

Something to Note

Getting the specification right is critically important, because this should be a “once only” installation that resolves the problem/s - “once and for all” - taking into account all of the following considerations:

  • the type/s, frequencies & volumes of noise
  • the required level of noise reduction
  • providing well insulated windows that also prevent heat loss
  • attention to the aesthetics, to create a discreet, attractive finish