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Secondary glazing for a Laboratory in a London hospital.


Our recent secondary glazing installation at st marys hospital in Paddington, London.

Our installation was highly beneficial to our clients requirements as the environment in the room had to be air tight and maintain a specific air pressure.

A combination of 2 and 3 panel horizontal sliding windows were installed with a arched architrave cladding above them. The air tight window installation provided better insulation to withstand a 15 Pa air pressure level.

All our windows were glazed with a 6mm Pilkingtons K (low emissivity) glass.

Using a low emissivity glass provided additional energy saving benefits as the inner layer of the of the k glass transfers heat into the room while blocking out harmful uv light which contribute to the fading of interior materials such as fabrics and wall coverings.

All of the panels in the 2 & 3 panel horizontal sliders are removable for ease of access, providing access to the original windows and the hooks used for rope access window cleaning.

The installation of the 12 windows was completed under a week with 2 fitters on site.we installed our windows utilising the maximum space of the window cavity, to allow for the blind, operating behind our secondary windows.

Our client was extremely satisfied with the finished product and we are working together on potential projects in the future.

The secondary glazing windows were designed with a locking mechanism between both interlocking panels, providing additional security benefits to the windows.

do you want to see detailed CAD drawings of window style ?  They can be found here.

another 2 pane sliding window by interior glaze

2 panel Horizontal Slider. Arched architrave above.

3 panel horizontal Slider. Arched architrave above

3 panel horizontal Slider.
Arched architrave above

Interior Glaze Ltd

3 pane secondary glazing Horizontal Slider Mint Wing

2 panel slider @ st marys hospital

2 panel slider @ st marys hospital