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What you need to know about secondary glazing kits for D.I.Y installation

Are you thinking of having secondary glazing installed ?

secondary glazing diyTake a look at our quick guide to better understand the pros and cons of DIY secondary glazing kits.

secondary glazing kits are widely available on the internet to order to fit your self, however do take note that if you require secondary glazing for sound proofing you will most definitely need a professional installation with some sort of acoustic glass to block the sound.

Most of the secondary glazing kits available are glazed with perspex rather than glass, this will do the job for draught proofing but not for sound proofing.

The significant difference in price between a secondary glazing kit and a professional secondary glazing installation might temp you buy secondary glazing to fit your self .

However if you require the secondary glazing to act as a sound barrier we recommend you have a professional secondary glazing installation done as the glass requires to be laminated in order to block out the sound, as all of our installations come with a ten year guarantee. We can assure you that our product and installation will endure the test of time, fitting secondary glazing yourself can be more cost efficient however if it is not installed or manufactured from a durable material it may have to be replaced frequently making it more expensive over time.

Interior glaze supply secondary glazing kits for D.I.Y installation however we do not offer a free home consultation for customers ordering D.I.Y secondary glazing kits. We will not take responsibility for faulty operating windows due to incorrect installation, having windows installed should be a one of procedure ensuring that functionality and aesthetics are both considered prior to ordering the bespoke windows.

You can find a guide to measuring secondary glazing on our website this guide outlines the vital procedure for ensuring your measurements are taken correctly, we try to be as help full and informative as possible when purchasing our products.

Having windows installed by a professional company eliminates the risk of your secondary glazing not performing to its best capability. We also ensure that what we supply and install will suit the operating functions and aesthetics of your windows and interior decor, taking detailed measurements ensures that our windows will create a seal against sound and draught. We we cannot asses these vital points when you place a order for diy installation it is vital that you are taking all of these points into consideration to ensure your getting the most for your money.

Bellow are the most vital points you should asses prior to ordering any secondary glazing.

  • What is the secondary glazing for ? (sound) (draught) this will determine what glass you require – sound 6.4 laminated, draught proofing & energy efficiency 6mm toughened or pilkington k glass
  • Does the secondary glazing need to be colour matched or suit your interior decor ? Gloss or matt finishes can be supplied in all RAL colours.
  •  Ensure you deduct 10mm from the shortest height and width this will ensure that your secondary glazing fits and you have enough play to line up the glass panels.