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Advantages of secondary double glazing

1120121019_173034Most homes lose a lot of heat through the windows. It is important for one to create insulation to prevent this. This helps to trap air in between the panes thus preventing heat loss and reduce noise. This is the reason why secondary double glazing is important because it helps one save on energy bills every year. It is always recommended that one chooses glazing that has an energy saving logo that is recommended by the British Fenestration Rating council.

Secondary double glazing is a process that involves installing supplementary glazing on the inside of an already single glazed window or a double glazed window. It is meant to improve on the heat or sound insulation of your existing windows. secondary glazing can prevent up to 90% of heat loss, it has proven to be quite effective. It is different from others because you can remove it whenever you like.

Advantages of secondary glazing.

  • It is a cheaper form of glazing. This is because there isn’t much work needed to install because it involves fitting the secondary glazing on an already existing window frame. One can also buy DIY kits or even get professional installers if need be. It also ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run.
  • It is easier to install because you do not need to remove the existing window units so as to install a secondary glazing. This makes it a much simpler process.
  • It helps in cutting out noise thus making it ideal for areas with noise pollution.
  • It does not require planning permission even on listed buildings. This makes it easier for you to make your house more comfortable especially if you are living in a rental property.
  • It is removable. This means you can take it off whenever it is necessary i.e. you can remove them during summer and install them back on during winter.

Secondary glazing materials are clear glass acrylic, acrylic sheet and plate polycarbonate sheet. Some of them are fixed panel sheets which can be removed for cleaning. There are those that are made to measure with opening units because they remain in place by use of a glass, hardwood or aluminium frames. There are several factors that one needs to consider when choosing materials for a frame. They are:

  • How much sunlight is getting through the windows?
  • How much little air is leaking through the window?
  • How well is the material going to stop heat from traveling through the window?
  • Where to use it.

It can be used on listed buildings and conservation areas. The British law states that all windows that can’t be changed should use secondary glazing to preserve all architectural heritages. This helps because it does not tamper with the original windows.

It can be used in education centres such as schools and universities. Most of these buildings are historic and thus the need to preserve them the best way possible. It is the best way to conserve heat by providing the best thermal insulation for a cheaper price. It also helps keep noise at bay since at such institutions of learning.

Secondary glazing is very important to churches too. It can help to preserve the special tainted windows. It helps keep noise minimal and also prevent heat loss. It also helps protect the windows from vandalism or breakage.

Hotels and hospitals are other buildings which benefit from secondary glazing. These institutions require a lot of silence for its occupants. This helps keep off any disturbances from the outside world thus giving its occupants the comfort they need. It also helps them save on energy bills.

Since most office buildings are located in areas with excessive noise, it is important to maintain an environment that is easier to work in. The most cost effective way of achieving this is by using secondary glazing. This type of installation is easy to carry out because there is minimal disruption of the workplace. It also helps keep the business premises safe by installing secondary glazing which is fitted using laminated glass or fixed/locking panels.

Finding a good professional to install a secondary glazing is quite easy since there are many who can be found online. They also know what to do for every type of window they come across. They also know what would fit well depending on the size of window involved.

However, with secondary glazing it is easy to DIY. This is because most of the kits used are easier to install by just following a few steps from a user manual. They are mostly assembled and all that one needs to do is install it. These DIY kits can be supplied by certified distributors.

Secondary double glazing is sure the best way to go if you need to soundproof and insulate your premises and also finding something that fits your budget while at the same time giving you value for your money.