Secondary Glazing 

Secondary Glazing is a independent window system that can be internalliy installed in addition to your original windows. It is a great method to increase the thermal and acoustic performance of your windows. At Interior glaze, we supply the slimmest secondary glazing systems on the market making our products perfect for a discreet  sleek finish.

On heritage windows. One of our installations could reduce your heating bill by 10% annualy, or reduce up to 45 Db of unwanted Intrusive Sound

Our Secondary glazing windows are the ideal option for listed buildings or buidings in conservation areas. Manufactured from strong light weight powdercoated aluminium, the windows can be manufactured to exact specifications from colour to size. Our unique manufacturing capabilities mean we can tailor the perfect solution to suit your windows.

See our Secondary Glazing Products , Secondary Glazing / Laminated Glass and Secondary Glazing In listed buildings

Below shows a example of a completed secondary glazing project at The Gateways a Grade 2 Listed building in Royal Hospital Chelsea London. The full installation of 14 windows can be seen on our blog on the following link. The Gateways Chelsea London


Feel free to browse our Products to get a idea of what Secondary Glazing System would best suit your windows.

Sash windows

Perfect for casement or fire exits.

Ideal for Casement windows, providing full access to fire escapes. windows provide a large clear opening for greater ventilation and full access to the existing window.


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Hinged Windows 

Windows with Vertical Fenestration Bars

Perfect for double glazing or critall style windows with multiple panes. 2,3,4,5 + panels can be made to provide access to existing window for ventilation all panels can be removed for cleaning.

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2 Hrz Panel Slider

Panel Slider - Secondary Glazing


For Less accessible windows.

Lift outs are perfect for windows with a large clear glass area or windows That do not require frequent access panels are removable and can be manufactured to custom shapes included rounded.

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Lift Out Window

2 Hrz Panel Slider

Perfect for Traditional Sash windows.

The ideal solution for windows with horizontal fenestration bars, such as traditional sliding sash windows. Windows are available in guillotine and counterbalanced springs for easy sliding action regardless of the size and weight of the panels.

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